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DUROBLADE® for flexo printing

It is a well-known fact that traditional steel and plastic printing blades wear quickly and unevenly. For printers who want an alternative, BTG has created a hard-faced printing blade.

Blade wear
In flexography, the wear process that occurs at the blade tip is influenced by many factors, such as linear blade load, printing press speed, pigment type and ink viscosity.
Wear at the blade tip, resulting in material removal, occurs through a complex combination of sliding wear against the engraved roll and abrasive wear caused by pigment particles.
With a ceramic-tipped lade, pigment particles can't plastically deform or cut the surface. Consequently, only a micropolishing effect is produced, which explains the low wear rate.

BTG's ceramic-tipped printing blade offers:

  • Substantially longer blade life
  • Increased blade chamber seal lifetimes
  • Reduced scoring lines
  • Thanks to better sealing of the doctor chamber, cleaner production and less waste
  • Constant printing quality during the life of the blade
  • Improved wiping of the anilox cylinder
  • No run-in time - less waste

Constant printing quality
While printing quality from standard steel blades varies from beak-in to blade change, ceramic-tipped blades provide constant quality throughout their entire service life. Furthermore, they allow you to reach excellent printing quality faster, since no run-in time is required for these blades.

Scoring lines are a serious problem for users of ceramic anilox rolls. Metal shavings are thought to be one of the principal causes of cylinder scoring, as they get caught between the doctor blade and the cylinder. The ceramic-tipped blade reduces scoring because the ceramic edge of the blade contacts the cylinder instead of bringing steel into contact with the anilox. Hence, no metal shavings and slivers wear off the blade, mixing with the ink. Running with ceramic can dramatically reduce or even eliminate score lines.

Increased productivity
The benefits above all contribute to increased productivity, through reduced downtime due to blade changes, constant quality and fewer defects resulting in less paper/foil to recycle.

DUROBLADE also provides other, more subtle benefits. We call them bonus benefits:

  • Finer inking of the anilox cylinder
  • Lower blade consumption, hence less scrap material to dispose of

Flexibility - a solution for every application
Ceramic printing blades can help you achieve inprovements in most floxo applications:

  • Web or sheet machines
  • Water or solvent-based inks
  • Black and white or color process
  • Paper as well as other substrates
  • UV coating with chambered doctor blades
DUROBLADE can also be used in other applications, such as gravure coating with ceramic anilox rolls.

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