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Eaglewood Technologies

All Printing Resources (APR) announces that the firm has been chosen to represent the sales of Eaglewood Technologies’ Laserlox™ and Sanilox™ Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems throughout the United States. These systems provide the most sustainable and effective solution in the marketplace for automated anilox roll cleaning across all sectors of the flexographic printed packaging industry.

Eaglewood Technologies’ recently introduced Laserlox system was developed specifically for the flexible packaging and label printing industries. The system requires no chemicals, water or consumables. Peter Mulheran, President of Eaglewood Technologies, comments, “Our Laserlox system will clean rolls up to 117” in width, or multiple rolls within that parameter. A flexo converter can clean two, three, or four narrow web rolls in the same system that they clean an 88” flexible packaging roll. This is a system that uses zero consumables and is currently the most sustainable way to clean anilox rolls. The Laserlox system cleans by ablating any ink chemistry or coating without touching the ceramic or chrome coating on your anilox rolls. It requires a small amount of electricity to run – only four kilowatts per year if a company is running it seven days a week, eight hours a day for 365 days. That’s around sixty dollars of electricity usage for the entire year.”

The Laserlox system has no line-count limitations and cleans any ink, varnish or coatings chemistry including water-based, energy curable, solvent-based and LED. Dave Nieman, CEO of APR, comments, “We believe these technologies are a real game changer for our industry and that they will eventually replace most liquid-based cleaning solutions. They are a great addition to our product offerings and help label and flexible packaging converters lower costs, improve productivity and be environmentally conscientious.”