Check Digital Films and Plates

DotSpy is a powerful quality assurance tool for Mac that allows you to check digital filmsand plates. Plates and films can be opened and viewed extremely fast, even if the data is not on the samecomputer as DotSpy. Viewing capabilities are very elaborate. Zooming up to dot level andmeasuring screen ruling, dot angles, distances, etc. allows quality control departments to finderrors before the actual plate imaging.

DotSpy means elaborate viewing

One plate or separation can be viewed as black-and-white, in its own separation color, negativeor positive, flipped and rotated, etc.

Separation colors are picked up automatically from the Nexus plate informationand DotSpy can accomodate viewing of opaque separations like metallic inks.

More than one separation can be viewed simultaneously in color or black-and-white as one jobor as separate plates. Viewing plates in synchronized mode allows you to checkout the same areaon different plates at the same time, for easy comparison. In real life this feature is oftenused for comparing different plates in versioning workflows eg. two black plates for one job.

Seamless data of cylinders or sleeves can be viewed with a infinite join forchecking seamless screening.

Checking trapping and dots in full confidence

Zooming on plates is really fast and in no time the operator can checkoutthe traps on the file, the screening type, the line ruling and the angle of the screen. No moreworries about what dot gain curve has been applied by simply measuring the density of the screening.


Download - DotSpy brochure, English 244KB