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Laserlox™ Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems

APR is proud to represent the Eaglewood Technologies Laserlox™ Flexi Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems for packaging and label printers. Experience counts and Eaglewood Technologies has been the leader in innovative, safe anilox roll cleaning systems for over one quarter century! Laserlox™ Systems minimize downtime!

Laserlox™ Flexi

Laserlox Flexi Flexi Roll Cleaning System is the most intelligent, environmentally-safe, and effective way of maintaining your anilox inventory. Advanced laser technology, combined with cutting-edge software, allows the user to easily clean ink and coating chemistries of all types. It can also clean multiple narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves with one machine.

How It Works

Laser cleaning achieves success through ablation. The laser heats the material which absorbs the laser energy and evaporates or sublimates the ink chemistry. There are some particles or residues that cannot be destroyed by the laser but are removed from the surface and collected by the Laserlox™ extraction system. The laser used in this system is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively remove any ink chemistry by using the right pulse repetition rate which allows for the most accurate dwell time to assure proper cleaning.

Laserlox™ Flexi Video
Laserlox Video Link

Laserlox™ Mini SN 1.0 Video
Laserlox Mini Video

Laserlox™ Flexi Models

Each Laserlox™ laser anilox roll cleaning model comes with the ability to clean up to four anilox rolls of various lengths and diameters. These rolls along with journal lengths need to total less than the specified overall length for each Laserlox™ model.

Laserlox™ Mini SN 1.0

Laserlox Flexi system
designed for
narrow web printers.

Laserlox™ SXL 65 AF

Cleans any combination
of rolls up to
65” in overall length.

Laserlox™ SXL 90 AF

Cleans any combination
of rolls up to
90” in overall length.

Laserlox™ SXL 117 AF

Cleans any combination
of rolls up to
117” in overall length.

Why Laserlox™ Cleaning Systems?

Deep Cleaning
The intelligent laser used in the Laserlox™ System ablates any ink chemistry leaving your rolls, ceramic or chrome sparkling clean. Laserlox™ delivers a consistent clean, every time.

Laserlox™ only uses 1.8 kw to 2.5 kw of power per hour (less than your household dishwasher). The only truly sustainable roll cleaning technology on the market.

The touch screen interface allows for information to be easily entered and stored for easy recall.

Safety is critical in manufacturing facilities. Laserlox™ has interlocks that assure the machine is shut down immediately if the safety guards are bypassed.

AniCAM™ Microscope
The touch screen interface features full integration of AniCAM™ microscope for roll audits.

The New Laserlox™ Mini SN 1.0


Laserlox™ Advantages

The most intelligent laser anilox roll cleaning technology offers the following advantages over the competition:

  • The Most Effective Clean
  • No Line Count Limitations
  • Cleans Any Type of Ink Chemistry; Water Based, Energy Curable (UV, LED), Solvent Based, Adhesives, Varnishes, Coatings, etc…
  • Cleans Anilox Rolls with Journals and Anilox Sleeves
  • Cleans Ceramic or Chrome Covered Anilox Rolls
  • Does Not Cause Damage or Degrade Cells
  • Does Not Generate any Waste
  • Does Not Require Water Source
  • Anyone Can Operate Laserlox™ with the Simple User Interface
  • Consistent Clean, Everytime
  • The Most Sustainable Cleaning System in the World
  • The Most Advanced Laser Technology in the World
  • Safe. Interlocks and Design Features Prevent Exposure to Any Laser Radiation.

Download - Laserlox Brochure, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 607KB
Download - Laserlox Technical Specifications, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 176KB