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Laserlox™ Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems

APR is proud to introduce the Eaglewood Technologies Laserlox™ and Laserlox Flexi™ Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems for packaging and label printers. Experience counts and Eaglewood Technologies has been the leader in innovative, safe anilox roll cleaning systems for over one quarter century! Laserlox™ Systems minimize downtime!

Laserlox™ Flexi

Laserlox Flexi is the most advanced anilox roll cleaning technology in the world, utilizing the most technologically sophisticated laser to clean all ink chemistry's from the cells of your anilox inventory. This laser is the safest, most effective way to clean your anilox rolls at the touch of a button. Laserlox is truly the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to cleaning. No consumables, no water, no waste, no chemicals, no damage to your rolls. This machine can clean multiple narrow web rolls at once or clean one roll up to 90" or 117" in length. No other system can offer such flexibility.

Laserlox™ Flexi Video
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Laserlox™ Flexi Models

Each Laserlox™ laser anilox roll cleaning model comes with the ability to clean up to four anilox rolls of various lengths and diameters. These rolls along with journal lengths need to total less than the specified overall length for each Laserlox™ model.

Laserlox™ Mini

Cleans any combination of rolls up to 30” in overall length.

Laserlox™ Flexi 90

Cleans any combination of rolls up to 89.3” in overall length.

Laserlox™ 117

Cleans any combination of rolls up to 116.8” in overall length.

Why Laserlox™ Cleaning Systems?

Deep Cleaning
By using a 20-watt laser, the beam is strong enough to ablate any ink chemistry without touching the ceramic or chrome coating on your anilox rolls. Micro beams vaporize the ink or coating allowing the light to reach all the way down inside even the highest of line counts. No matter the engraving specification, Laserlox™ has the ability.

The most advanced laser anilox roll cleaning system in the world does not require any chemicals, media, water, or waste disposal of any kind; truly making this system the most sustainable cleaning solution available. Laserlox™ uses only 4 kw of power per hour, less than your household dishwasher.

The touch screen panel allows information to be easily entered into the machine. The laser automatically focuses allowing rolls of various diameters to be cleaned simultaneously, without any adjustments by an operator. When cleaning multiple rolls during the same cleaning cycle, the laser head will quickly move over the journals and bearings decreasing overall cleaning time and energy. Roll parameters are saved for easy recall to cut down on setup time and increase uptime.

Safety is of the upmost importance in manufacturing facilities and especially when dealing with lasers. Laserlox™ Flexi is a Class 4 laser but since the beam is contained within an enclosure with interlocks, it is classified by the FDA as a Class 1 laser. These interlocks assure that any bypassing of the safety guards cause the laser to immediately shut down preventing any issues. Class 1 definition: inherently safe; no possibility of eye damage. This is due to an enclosure preventing user access to the laser beam during normal operation, such as in CD players or laser printers.

Laserlox™ Advantages

The most intelligent laser anilox roll cleaning technology offers the following advantages over the competition:

  • The Most Effective Clean
  • No Line Count Limitations
  • Cleans Any Type of Ink Chemistry; Water Based, Energy Curable (UV, LED), Solvent Based, Adhesives, Varnishes, Coatings, etc…
  • Cleans Anilox Rolls with Journals and Sleeved Anilox Rolls
  • Cleans Ceramic or Chrome Covered Anilox Rolls
  • Does Not Cause Damage or Degrade Cells
  • Does Not Generate any Waste
  • Does Not Require Water Source
  • Anyone Can Operate Laserlox™ with the Simple User Interface
  • Consistent Clean, Everytime
  • The Most Sustainable Cleaning System in the World
  • The Most Advanced Laser Technology in the World
  • Safe. Interlocks and Design Features Prevent Exposure to Any Laser Radiation.

Download - Laserlox Brochure, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 654KB