APR Solutions Showcase

Ink Delivery Solutions


APR offers a comprehensive set of platemaking solutions from worldwide industry leaders designed to deliver improved image quality, greater print consistency & repeatability and maximum cost reductions.

Mounting and Proofing Solutions

Mounting & Proofing

APR offers the most complete line of mounting & proofing supplies and equipment for the flexo industry.

Digital Flexo Solutions

Digital Flexo

APR has a number of digital product and service solutions all designed to improve color contrast, reduce color corrections needed on press, offer better control color for increased repeatability & consistency which can assist in achieving visual appeal at productive and profitable levels.

Color Management Solutions

Color Management

APR has solutions to improve color measurement, color matching of proofs to press, assist in reducing color corrections needed on press and provide better color control for increased repeatability, consistency and lower total costs.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain

In order to reduce the risk of stock-outs, lower overall costs, and save time, APR has invested heavily in a number of Supply Chain technology solutions.

Productivity Solutions


APR Has Your Solution for Total Cost Reduction ... from the bucket to the substrate!

Technical Services Solutions

Technical Services

APR is a leader in innovative technical services and flexo-specific training solutions. Our staff contains solution specialists in prepress, workflow, system networking, proofing, platemaking, mounting, maintenance and the pressroom.

Pressroom Cleaning Solutions

Pressroom Cleaning

APR Has Your Solution for Pressroom Cleaning! From plate cleaners to anilox cleaners, we have all the supplies you need to keep your pressroom area nice and tidy.

Ink Delivery Solutions

Ink Delivery Solutions

Our knowledge and experience with the complete ink delivery system, from the bucket to the substrate ensures proper product selection & after-sale support.