Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions

APR Has Your Solution for Total Cost Reduction ... from the bucket to the substrate!

In today's competitive marketplace, you are being asked to get products out the door faster, deal with shorter runs, and unexpected changes, lower costs, achieve higher production goals, and increase productivity overall without sacrificing quality.

How can APR help?

By being a resource for solutions that save you time, lower waste, speed up the press, reduce make-ready times, lower inventories, reduce working capital, reduce risk, and increase efficiencies.

APR Has Your Solution for Total Cost Reduction
...from the bucket to the substrate!

Problems we have assisted customers in overcoming:

Bounce / chatter / gear marks
Expanded gamut printing.
Printing spot colors with process.
"Dirty" printing and/or ghosting.
Improved clean-up times & change-over times.
Reduction in make-ready & mounting.
Stacking tolerances and/or registration.
Need for improved process printing.
Increased press speeds.
Greater color consistency & repeatability

APR offers a complete line of products, equipment, services and training to assist you in facing today's challenges:

  • Increase press output
  • Faster job changeover times
  • Get up to color more efficiently
  • Increase consistency and repeatability
  • Reduce waste
  • Plus many more!

TeamFlexo ...Our team approach to comprehensive process improvement:

Our integrated expertise reduces risk and "finger pointing" by offering complete solutions. We may not be the absolute expert in any one facet of flexo, but our overall expertise and knowledge allows us to serve as an excellent choice to diagnose your "pains' and come up with a comprehensive solution—not a "band-aid" or quick fix approach.

We use state-of-the art tools and certified industry specialists in prepress, workflow, proofing, platemaking, mounting, and the pressroom. We know what it is like to need help quickly, to have a supplier you can trust to follow-up, to meet high customer expectations, and to work within a tight budget.

Customer Case Study

Prepress Shop Rebuilds With All Printing Resources

When employees at a Chicago-based prepress shop smelled smoke, they ran for the fire extinguisher. Minutes later, the entire building was engulfed and, in a matter of hours, everything was lost. But in just one week, they were up and running again with the help of All Printing Resources...
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Technical Articles

Bounce, Gear-marks, & Banding – Identify the Cause — Minimize the Cost

This three-part article explores the causes and cures for these common pressroom woes.
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Understanding Common Flexo Print Defects

Over the years, APR has shared many articles that assist in identifying and reaction to print defects such as dirty print, ink spitting, and ghosting...
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