Color Management Solutions

Color Management Solutions

APR has solutions to improve color measurement, color matching of proofs to press, assist in reducing color corrections needed on press and provide better color control for increased repeatability, consistency and lower total costs.

APR's Color Management Solutions are designed to:

  • Improve color communication
  • Reduce color corrections needed on press
  • Control color for increased repeatability and consistency
  • Achieve visual appeal at productive and profitable levels!

More "pop", match spot color, more realistic skin tones, truer pastels and finer continuous-tone images... These are just some of the challenges flexo printers routinely face today. These goals must be achieved consistently and at profitable levels. When choosing the right digital solution to optimize your investment, you don't want a "cookie cutter' approach, you want one that is designed best for your unique needs.

We have designed a collaborative process to select a customized solution that will deliver measurable performance. APR delivers the dependable after-sale attention you need to see the results from your investment.

How can APR help:

APR has a number of products and service solutions designed to improve color communication, reduce color corrections needed on press and better control color. Our solutions increase repeatability & consistency, which can help achieve visual appeal at productive and profitable levels.

APR's team of experienced prepress specialists provides you with information, knowledge and solutions for all aspects of your prepress needs:

  • Color consultation - We provide assistance in implementing a comprehensive color management program.
  • G7 Methodology - We have recently introduced G7 Qualification Program for flexographic operations allowing us to assist in training and implementing the G7 (Near Neutral) methodology.
  • Press characterization and ICC profiling
  • Digital proofing - installation, support, troubleshooting
  • Proper utilization of densitometers and spectrophotometers
  • Customized training programs

Is G7 Right for You?

The promised primary benefit of G7 is that you're getting the very best color management available today. G7 Masters have to prove that they can match proof to press results...
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Customer Case Studies

Hitting the Brand Image Bull's-Eye

Revolution Labels Ensures a Common Visual Match To Offset with G7 Master Program...
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Brand Image is Everything

For many years now, WS Packaging Group has focused their color management process on doing things by the numbers...
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What's New
Techkon SpectroEdge
Techkon SpectroDens
X-Rite eXact

APR has the team that can help achieve measurable and sustainable results!

Color Measuring Products and Services

Proofing Equipment

Proofing Software

Color Management Software

Handheld units

Scanning units

  • X-rite - Strip reading Spectrophotometer
  • X-rite i1iO - Chart reading Spectrophotometer

Table top units

Color Viewing Booths

  • GTI (Graphic Technologies, Inc.) complete product line of color viewing systems.

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