What is Teamflexo?

TEAMflexo means many things, from teamwork to workflow, from flexibility to digital flexo. TEAMflexo is here to help you make your customers happy.

TEAMflexo [teem-flek-so] ~ noun

  1. a proven resource for products, services and expertise dedicated to assisting our customers achieve their goals for total cost reduction and increased profitability.
  2. problem solvers... from critical details like choosing the right end seal or best stickyback to major game plans like digital platemaking and comprehensive color management.
  3. Dependable (even under blitz pressure!)
  4. team-players with varying expertise in flexo & supply chain management dedicated to being great team members in assisting our customers achieve their goals.

TEAMflexo [teem-flek-so] ~ verb

  1. taking a "team" approach to deliver process improvement & innovative solutions.
  2. pays attention to the "blocking and tackling" details that make a business successful in all economic environments - such as helping you find lower total costs alternatives and reliable on-time delivery to reduce your working capital.
  3. achieving a clear understanding of our customers' challenges and possible solutions to solve them.
  4. knowing what it is like to need help quickly, to have a supplier you can trust to follow-up, and to work within a tight budget.
The Teamflexo game plan

Is your current supplier helping put your people in a position to win?

If not, contact TEAMflexo.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
          - Michael Jordan

Great teams go the extra mile and rely on each other to achieve common goals
          - TEAMflexo
The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.
          - Coach Vince Lombardi

Great teams know that small things can make a difference and are focused on improvement.
          - TEAMflexo