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All Printing Resources (APR) and SpotOn! Press have released a new version of SpotOn! Flexo that allows flexographic converters to import and export CxF files

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SpotOn! Flexo was a winner of FTA’s Technical Innovation Award in 2014.

SpotOn! Flexo is a pressroom software tool that provides the press operator optimal ink densities for spot or special colors to match a reference color by using a predictive analysis algorithm. SpotOn! Flexo works in conjunction with ink formulation software by informing the operator of a job’s optimal ink density levels required to achieve the best color reproduction.

Richard Black, APR’s VP of business development, comments, “The central feature of the new SpotOn! Flexo software is that it allows for the importing and exporting of CxF files (color exchange format files). CxF is currently the major buzz word in color and is now an ISO standard way of exchanging color data.

With the newest version of SpotOn! Flexo, flexographic converters can import CxF files directly from ink databases keeping the same color information and naming conventions. Users can also now export CxF files when they encounter a measurement with a red icon indicating the ink cannot meet the desired Delta E color match. The CxF files can be imported directly into formulation software to reformulate the ink.

The SpotOn! Flexo software gives press operators a way to match color that they have never been given before. One of the biggest pain points in the flexo industry is flawless job to job repeatability and SpotOn! Flexo gives the operator a high precision color matching tool that will help label and flexible packaging converters meet, and exceed, their customers’ expectations.