Made with the highest quality PVC for increased strength and durability. Single and double wall constructions, which can be stapled, sonic welded or sewn into place. New lead and trail edge profiles are designed specifically for lower pitch corrugated presses. These strips can be custom printed with your company's name, phone number and/or website.

  • Lead Edge - Double Wall for easy application to the PVC and sturdy construction. "T" and "J" bar types in-stock in various colors and lengths.
  • Trail Edge - available with holes and slots for uniform tension during high-speed press applications.

We carry mounting strips from Bobst, Evol, and Hamada.

Universal Mounting Strip

The Universal Mounting Strip allows you to quickly switch your printing plate mount from a "top printer" to a "bottom Printer" set up without tools. This is achieved through a two piece mounting strip construction that allows the lead edge strip and trail edge strip to be converted back and forth (see diagrams below).The universal strips are sold in 72" lengths in boxes of 100.

Universal Mounting Strips
Universal Mounting Strips Universal Mounting Strips