Make the most of your supplies!

As all printers know, flexographic printing requires much more than ink, paper, and presses. Simply keeping track of the quantity and variety of supplies needed for a typical flexo shop can be overwhelming. You may ask yourself: How do can I make the right supply choice for my process? How do I ensure that I have the supplies I need, when I need them? What about support? All Printing Resources can take the complication and headache out of these questions, and let you worry about more important things - like printing!

Get the right supplies for your process:

Choosing a new supply, such as mounting tape or doctor blades, can be a time consuming and difficult task. Often meetings, press trials, and conference calls are needed to coordinate a change. Even knowing where to start can be difficult, so we created a series of online tools to help streamline your selection process. We even included product lines that we do not represent, so that a full comparison can be made. Think of these tools as a jumping-off point for your next supply change. Of course, our highly trained team is always ready to answer any questions and help you head in the right direction.

Inventory made simple:

What good is a supply that isn't on the shelf? Make sure that you always have plenty of your most essential supplies on-hand with APR's SUPPLYSENTRY! This proprietary RFID inventory management system is a breeze to operate, and integrates seamlessly into any plant. All supplies coming from APR are pre-labeled with an RFID tag. Simply place the supply on the SUPPLYSENTRY shelf/cabinet and it's counted! When the product is removed from the SupplySentry area, it is taken out of inventory, and replaced on the next shipment as needed. You always maintain control of your min/max inventory levels through our SUPPLYSENTRY web portal, so adapting to changing needs is easy. The best part? SUPPLYSENTRY is a complimentary service to APR customers who meet a minimum order requirement. Learn more here.

Technical Support

Flexo printing isn't always easy, and sometimes questions arise about the supplies and how they are used in the process. APR's Technical Solutions Group is here to help. We are a group of professionals, with over 90 years of combined experience in flexo, dedicated to ensuring our customers are armed with the knowledge to make the most of their process. We are constantly learning about new technologies, processes, and tools - and we share our findings through blogs, white papers, and industry events. From training to troubleshooting, we have your back!

For more information on how All Printing Resources can help streamline your supply chain, click here to email us, or you can contact me directly:

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