3M Flexographic Mounting Systems

3M™ Aluminum Foil Tape 425

Dead-soft aluminum foil tape. Applications include masking of sensitive components
to protect from damage during aircraft paint stripping. In white goods appliances,
tape provides an excellent moisture barrier, helps reflect and dissipate heat.

3M™ Jet-melt™ Adhesive 3762

Used to manually seal corrugated cartons and cases. Applications: Corrugated carton
closing; packaging of subassemblies; packaging lightly waxed cartons; five panel
folded corrugated cartons; and contract packaging.

3M™ Jet-melt™ Adhesive 3792

Long bonding range when dispensed at low melt temperature. Bond wood, P.O.P.
displays, corrugated, furniture, upholstery, novelties and other lightweight

3M™ Polyester Film Tape 850

1.9 mil (0.05 mm) metalized polyester and polyester film tapes with acrylic adhesive.
Available in Transparent, white, red, black, silver and gold colors. Used for splicing,
holding, decorating, color coding and sealing.

3M™ Polygun™ LT Applicator

Designed exclusively for low-melt Jet-melt™ adhesives. Delivers up to 2.6
pounds of adhesive per hour.