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Simply Clean is All Printing Resources’ line of products designed to clean flexographic inks efficiently. There are eight different solutions tailored to what you want to clean. Some are multi-purpose cleaners that work on all types of ink and throughout the pressroom, while others are designed for more targeted purposes. In preparing this product line, we have considered factors such as if your ink is UV, water or solvent based; if you are cleaning plates, anilox rolls or parts of the press; and if you have specific environmental or pH requirements; as well as cost. (See chart below for details on all Simply Clean products).

Simply Clean AC

Benefits of our four most popular cleaners:

SimplyClean AC Non-caustic, biodegradable, UV/water-based ink cleaner and emulsifier improves your print quality. Safe for your equipment, the environment, your employees and your bottom line. It’s fast, effective and the perfect answer for your entire facility – from anilox rolls, doctor blades, ink pans to equipment, cabinets and floors. Amazing emulsification qualities in SimplyCleanAC allow it to break down, re-wet, emulsify, then suspend ink – and avoid redeposit to cleaned surfaces. Maintains pH over 12.0 after dilution, readily removes ink and reduces the need for corrosive deep cleaners. Consistently outperforms comparable caustic cleaners for maximum cleaning efficiency. Contains no VOCs, phenols, caustic or corrosive chemicals, and no solvents or SARA Title III chemicals.

SimplyClean PR Nothing works better to emulsify UV or water-based inks. The longer the ink has cured, the better this non-caustic solution out-performs its highly caustic competitors. Recommended as a press wash but not recommended for plate machines. Can be diluted 3:1 for easier usage as a powerful all-purpose cleaner.

SimplyClean MA Designed for Ultra Sonic Machines and Anilox Washers. Quickly removes UV, water or solvent-based inks. Very similar to Simply CleanAC and SimplyCleanPR but contains caustic. However, it is not as harsh as some competitive caustic cleaners. (Health rating of 2). Our clients have found this to be the best cleaner for dried ink - works faster than SimplyCleanPR but costs slightly more. We are getting rave reviews for this cleaner.

SimplyClean SW Use this highly effective, non-caustic solution in mechanical plate washers to remove solvent ink.

The Simply Clean line also offers these specialty cleaning solutions

SimplyClean AX - a caustic anilox cleaner
SimplyClean LF - a low-foam option for high-agitation parts washers
SimplyClean MP - for machine-cleaning ink off of plates
SimplyClean PH - when a pH of less than 12 is required.

Simply Clean product comparison

Simply Clean products can be used all over the pressroom: as a press wash, for anilox rolls, plates, parts, in automatic cleaners, on dried ink and more. Select the primary or specialty products below to best fit your needs. Please consult corresponding MSDS sheets for use directions, technical data, first aid and safety.

SIMPLY CLEAN - Primary Cleaning Solutions
Simply Clean AC logo •  Press Wash, Plate Cleaner or Spot Cleaner •  All Inks, best for Water/UV Inks •  NON-CAUSTIC •  QTY: Spray, 1, 5, 15, 55, 275g Use this throughout your entire plant. Flushes through presses for pennies per use. Improves printing efficiency while reducing downtime and extending the life of your equipment. Contains no VOCs, phenols, caustic or corrosive chemicals, solvents or SARA Title III chemicals.
Simply Clean PR logo •  Emulsifies Ink, Press Wash •  UV/Water Inks •  NON-CAUSTIC •  QTY: 1, 5, 15, 55, 275g This popular product can be diluted 3:1 and still outperform highly caustic cleaners, especially when ink has cured for a long time. Not recommended for plate machines.
Simply Clean MA logo •  Mechanical and Ultra Sonic Anilox Washers •  All Inks •  CAUSTIC •  QTY: 1, 5, 15, 55, 275g This fast-cleaning product was designed for anilox washers. It contains caustic but is not as harsh as some of the others (health rating of 2).
Simply Clean SW logo •  Plate Wash •  Solvent Ink •  NON-CAUSTIC •  QTY: 5, 55g Use this effective, non-caustic cleaner to safely wash solvent inks off plates.
SIMPLY CLEAN - Specialty Cleaning Solutions
Simply Clean AX logo •  Anilox only •  All Inks •  CAUSTIC •  QTY: Quarts This product is caustic and contains polymers that will penetrate deep into anilox cells. The viscosity is thicker and will stay on the surface longer. Simply apply it, brush it in and then wrap in cellophane. Allow it to set for anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight, then rinse.
Simply Clean LF logo •  High-agitation parts washers, pans, buckets, parts •  All Inks •  CAUSTIC •  QTY: 5, 55g Same as SimplyClean AC with caustic and some low foaming surfactants added.
Simply Clean MP logo •  Plate Cleaning Machines •  UV/Water Inks •  CAUSTIC •  QTY: 5, 55g Outperforms highly caustic cleaners and is especially good for UV/water base varnish inks.
Simply Clean PH logo •  pH less than 12 •  All Inks •  NON-CAUSTIC •  QTY: 5, 55g Use SimplyClean PH when a pH of less than 12 is required.

SimplyClean products with orange initials are caustic, products with green initials are not.

SimplyClean Product Line Information

Click the links below to download the product information for the SimplyClean product line.

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SimplyClean Product MSDS Information

Click the links below to download the MSDS information for the products listed.

SimplyClean AC MSDS, Acrobat PDF 868KB
SimplyClean PR MSDS, Acrobat PDF 619KB
SimplyClean MA MSDS, Acrobat PDF 850KB
SimplyClean SW MSDS, Acrobat PDF 987KB
SimplyClean AX MSDS, Acrobat PDF 1.5MB
SimplyClean LF MSDS, Acrobat PDF 944KB
SimplyClean MP MSDS, Acrobat PDF 883KB
SimplyClean PH MSDS, Acrobat PDF 892KB

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