Nexus is a comprehensive high-end workflow solution for label, packaging and commercial print pre-production. Nexus increases your productivity through automation of human-intensive front-end and RIP tasks.

Nexus is a modular system with four core modules: NexusImport, NexusProcessor, Nexus PDF Processor and NexusRIP. Each module can run on separate hardware, so you can configure the system to your own needs of functionality, throughput and security.

Nexus Highlights

  • Wide range of input file formats
  • Wide range of output file formats
  • Automate ArtPro tasks
  • High productivity
  • Very strong workflow automation
  • High quality screened output
  • Easy to integrate
  • Tuned for labels & packaging

Nexus Modules

Nexus Import

NexusImport™ is Nexus's importing mechanism. It will convert all incoming files, including PDF, PostScript, and TIFF/IT, to an ArtPro file format. This file format is designed to maximize flexibility and functionality but it retains full security of the file. At any stage in the workflow, the job can be converted back to a PDF, PS, TIFF/IT or DCS file for remote previewing, proofing, or output.

PDF and PS files are normalized and optimized on the fly. This allows for a very broad range of automatic file corrections at the time of import. At the same time a complete preflighting mechanism is integrated, which will save a report file linked with the job in the workflow. The preflighting and importing module is identical to the ArtCruise module in ArtPro. This ensures complete consistency between the automated Nexus workflow management system and the interactive ArtPro workstation application. Output of NexusImport goes straight into NexusProcessor or NexusRIP, depending on the selected workflow.

Nexus Processor

NexusProcessor™ handles all the content-related automatic processing of the file during the workflow.

It accepts data from NexusImport, or native data submitted from an ArtPro> interactive workstation. NexusProcessor is typically vector based, and allows the user to automate a wide variety of tasks which can also be handled manually on an ArtPro workstation. NexusProcessor is able to run independently from NexusRIP. It can be operated in a completely modular manner, outputting vector based PostScript or PDF data to any remote site, printer, proofer, platesetter or any other output device.

The goal of NexusProcessor is to allow any production environment to offload time consuming day-to-day manual operations to a high performance server. It runs in batch, combining a very broad range of functions in workflows to automate almost the entire content production process.

Nexus PDF Processor

Nexus PDF Processor is a set of actions in Nexus performed on native PDF files. Based on state-of-the-art native PDF technologies, extensive functionality is available ranging from Enfocus PitStop based preflight all the way to extensive automatic file correction, JDF imposition, marks generation and object based trapping.

Even elaborate manipulations are available: splitting multipage files to single pages or joining several pages back together to one multipage document. When the files are ready, the Nexus PDF RIP generates proof or plate data straight from the PDF file. This results in a maximum level of throughput. For last minute corrections Neo offers a highly productive and easy to use standalone PDF editing solution.


NexusRIP™ is the RIPping and screening engine of Nexus, equally configurable to accept data from NexusProcessor or directly from NexusImport.

NexusRIP is a high-end RIP workflow solution including in-RIP trapping, proofing, page-independent imposition, screening, and output to virtually any proofer, imagesetter, platesetter or direct-to-print output device.

Download - Nexus Pack brochure, English 648KB

Download - Nexus Commercial Printing brochure, English 280KB